Our Products

We have put a whole heap of aroha, sweat, tears & testing into producing the best quality products for you.


The resin we use is proudly vegan friendly, BPA & Nonylphenol free, UV stabilised & water resistant.

These are all one of a kind pieces, and no two products are ever the same.


As they are handmade, there can be slight imperfections or fingerprints, but we think that's what makes them feel more unique and special! 

Care instructions will be included with each order, but please note: we recommend hand washing our products with a soft cloth under water. Using a hard scrubbing brush or steel wool etc may scratch the surface of the resin.

They are also not dishwasher friendly.

While the resin is UV Stabilised, as with anything, colours may fade over time. We recommend keeping all products out of direct sunlight for sustained periods of time.

As resin is a synthetic material, please consult your vet immediately if ingested by your pet.

If you are not happy with your product at any time, please contact us to discuss.